Dental Braces & Invisalign

Generation of Smiles for over 90 Years

Some of our patients suffer from problems with the alignment of their teeth, but dental braces and Invisalign are renowned for their ability to transform smiles. Although it takes time to finish your orthodontic treatment, the results are well worth it! 

What Braces Options Are Available at West Columbia Dental

At West Columbia Dental, we offer traditional dental braces and Invisalign Clear Aligners. Traditional dental braces are typically made of metal or even ceramic. Today, they are far lighter in weight than they were 10 or 15 years ago, and they are effective at straightening moderate to severe misalignments. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners is another option we offer at West Columbia Dental. As their name suggests, Invisalign Clear Aligners are nearly transparent. They also don’t require any metal wire or rubber bands. Instead, Invisalign Clear Aligners are removable and ideal for mild misalignments of the bite.

Who Should Get Dental Braces or Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Anyone with a “bad bite” can benefit from dental braces. A bad bite shows itself in various ways, including:

  • Overbite/underbite/crossbite
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overly crowded teeth
  • Gaps in the teeth

What to Expect When Getting Dental Braces and Invisalign Clear Aligners

If you have a bad bite, then chances are you’re wondering if dental braces or Invisalign Clear Aligners are right for you. To determine that, we’ll assess the severity of your bite, what your preferences are, what you’re willing to pay, and make an appropriate recommendation. 

Once the right method for you has been decided and we’ve gathered all the information we need in order to execute your treatment plan, we will fit you with your braces. This will take one appointment that lasts about 2-3 hours if you’re getting traditional braces. If you’re undergoing Invisalign treatment, we will simply give you your first set of Invisalign Clear Aligners and put them on for you. Once this process is complete, we’ll walk you through the instructions you should follow in order to get the most out of your treatment. 

When you wear traditional braces or Invisalign Clear Aligners, you will see us on a regular basis to update your fit as your teeth shift. For traditional braces, we will tighten them on a regular basis to ensure they keep shifting your teeth correctly. With Invisalign, you will visit us every few weeks so we can give you your next set of aligners. Keep in mind that with Invisalign Clear Aligners, they are each shaped a bit differently so as to guide your teeth to the right position.

Dental Braces and Invisalign Clear Aligners at West Columbia Dental

For over 90 years, West Columbia Dental has taken great pride in providing exceptional dental care to patients of all ages. If you’re ready to love your smile again, please book an appointment with us. We look forward to creating a memorable experience, giving you confidence, and prioritizing your comfort at all times.

Your Dental Health is in Good Hands

Dental visits can be nerve-wracking, but rest assured that we are fully committed to performing top-quality dental work. If there is any issue, we will take care of it and ensure you are pleased with the results.


West Columbia dental specializes in helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams. Our comprehensive dental services includes family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry. Our friendly and professional team can help you enjoy your beautiful smile for years to come.